Q: When I support "I AM" Creations, where does the money go?


A: "I AM" Creations is a small business that is dedicated to projects that are for the advancement of Black people - mostly through the support and education of our children. A part of the proceeds from all sales goes to support Muhammad's Economic Blueprint. Proceeds from our P.R.I.D.E. item sales go to the support of the Little Lions' Leadership Academy.

Q: Can these products be used as fundraisers?


A: Yes! We are very interested in providing fundraising opportunities for your schools, businesses, churches, mosques, camps, or community organization programs. You are also quite welcome to sign on as an independent entrepreneur, if you are ready to bring "I AM" Creations to your community youth and make money doing so.


Q: What other products will be made available in the future?

A: Currently available for purchase is our signature coloring book, and a limited selection of our t-shirts and drawstring backpacks. In the planning stage are workbooks, storybooks, and more!

Q: How does the fundraising program work?

A: The fundraising program works somewhat like school candy sales. You can take a catalogue and collect orders and money for the items, then send that in to us. We will then fulfill the order and send you the commission from the sales. Alternatively, you can order in bulk and pay up front, receive your items, then sell them at your leisure.

THIS PROGRAM IS NOT YET LIVE. Check back in the near future for further information.

Q: How does the entrepreneur program work?


A: The entrepreneur program works like AVON or Tupperware parties. You can join on the program as a member, where you receive all items at a member discount, then sell them for full price. You can also become an official representative, meaning you will enroll in the training program, receive a presentation on the program, and ideally host parties (at home or wherever you are) where you will eventually be a presenter to others who are interested in joining on as members or future representatives.

THIS PROGRAM IS NOT YET LIVE. Check back in the near future for further information.



Q: How can I get involved?

A: Please support "I AM" Creations and provide our esteem-building items to a child in your sphere! You can also look into joining our fundraising or independent entrepreneur programs to support yourself and your community.

Q: What is Muhammad's Economic Blueprint?

A: Muhammad's Economic Blueprint is a crowdfunding effort on behalf of Black People in America. The aim is to pool our resources by donating as little as $0.35 per week (5 cents a day) toward the purchase of land and resources upon which we can build safe, sustainable, and self-sufficient communities for our people, as well as provide food and Black-manufactured goods to our people (and others) across the nation. See more at:



Q: What is the P.R.I.D.E. Initiative and the Little Lions' Leadership Academy?


A: P.R.I.D.E. stands for Power, Responsibility, Initiative & Determined Enthusiasm. These are the qualities we intend to instill in our youth through the use of various programs, classes, and mentorship across the country. The purpose of the Little Lions' Leadership Academy is to turn our children and young adults into Leaders by making them aware of and confident  in their own abilities - to DO and in turn inspire others to DO as well. The youth will be guided and encouraged into learning how to take responsibility for their communities through community service, entrepreneurship, safety, and the care and concern for one another. To learn more about this program (or to donate directly), please visit: